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Philips Hr7775/00

Jon F : what does this cost? Someone On Facebook is selling theirs for 40$. Is that worth it?
Lorena Fernandez : gracias
sandeep masdekar : I want buy this product in india (Mumbai) what is his price & where is buy
Petr Antoniuk : хорошая функциональная штука, особенно если есть дети, в хорошие предложения
Purple Spider : thanks a lot for you review. going to buy one now
carwrtr1 : Good looking machine, and I'm sure it performs well, but it's rather noisy compared to the Cuisinart or Magimix; I'm surprised Philips didn't do something about the noisy motor.
Christoph Sacklpicka : ein wenig seltsam ohne ton, aber danke für die Präsentation! werd mir die Maschine eventuell zulegen.
Dariusz Żukowski : Thanks for this presentation. I was hesitating about buying this food processor and your scrupulous vid convinced me to buy. :)
Farook Ahmed : hi how many attachment do you have in all. Can you mince meat in this.


How To Build A Gaming PC

Hey Guys! Today I show you how to build a gaming computer! Whether you're new at it, or a professional, you may find this video helpful!

Parts Used:
AMD FX 4170 Processor
Asus Sabertooth 990FX Motherboard
Corsair XMS3 DDR3
Corsair CX-430 Power Supply
Western Digital Caviar Blue \u0026 Black 500GB
XFX Radeon HD 7770
Thermaltake Contact 16 CPU Cooler
Rosewill Redbone Case

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daniel87980 : I would not take computer building advise from this guy lol

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